College Life Until the End

So continuing on from The Beginning…

As my semesters in GCC went by, I’ve learned how to work with digital graphics like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and multimedia in videography and photography. Everything that I’ve learned in digital graphics was already becoming my interest more than in multimedia. I had my plan that I focus more becoming a graphic artist as I’m always into designing and illustrating and that this was my specialty skills. I was ready to graduate and pursue my future career.

When May 16, 2014 finally came for graduation day, I couldn’t wait to get my associates and get a start looking for an open graphic position. However, my plan to looking for an open graphic job wasn’t going well. I had a hard time getting opportunities that either want someone ‘with experience’, who knows how to work with this program that I didn’t learn in school, someone who can work under pressure and multitask, and who knows their stuff. Sometimes I couldn’t understand why considering the fact I just graduated fresh out of college and have a degree, isn’t that enough to gain the experience? I guess not, especially all the hard work in studying in school to earn a degree somehow felt like it was a waste of time that it couldn’t put me to where I want to be now.

But I didn’t give up yet until I found another interest that grew on me more.


To Be Continued… 






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