The Beginning: Declaring a Major

The Beginning – Summer 2010 – After HS Graduation

When summer hit after receiving my diploma on June 02, 2010, I was heading my next step in the real world; COLLEGE… the place where I will be studying for my future career. I had my plan set that I was going to enroll myself at the Guam Community College and declare my study under Associate of Science in Visual Communications.

When I heard about this program mid-quarter, before graduation, I knew that this field was for me. I had the small talent in digital media and art. Though I was into drawing by hand and wanted to learn about art; however, the school didn’t have the program for it, unless if I were to enroll at the other college nearby; UOG (University of Guam), but I wanted to start off from the bottom and this was a good start, after all my rate in drawing is not as good as talented artists so Vis Comm will do and I was ready to get the college life started in the Fall.

To Be Continued…. 


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