Found My Passion

Okay….. Now the story I’ve been wanting to share about, so here it is.
Everywhere I go like to parties, hangouts, the beach, family get togethers, I always have to bring my camera and take LOTS of photos. With me being the photographer, people come up to me and ask, ‘How do you make your photos turn out so good? You’re really good!’ or ‘How did you start get interest in photography?’ Hearing those remarks make me feel amazed that they like what they see in me when I showcase my talent in taking pictures. So how did I get into photography? Here’s how I got started.

Before I got into photography, I was first inspired by the photos that were taken by my fellow college mates and thought ‘hmm.. this is really amazing! How did their photos turn out that way?’  From there, just like graphic designing, I started to get into visual arts in photography. Just by the way their photos look it somehow became my inspiration that I also want to do it too. The only thing was a DSLR camera like what professional photographers use and they are pricey. From then I only owned a Nikon Coolpix P100 SLR as my starter camera before I knew about DSLR cameras. Though I think it was good start because when I took videography class we had a set of 4 DSLR cameras 1 per group and luckily I had already learned how to operate a DSLR and learning to shoot manually. With just my Nikon I used it the same way like a DSLR. From here I waited until I earned enough to own a Canon DSLR from working and saving up, until I finally did.

Once I  finally got my Canon Rebel T5i, I couldn’t help but play around by looking through the viewfinder, using the focus ring to focus on a subject, and taking bunch of photos. I was loving my camera ❤

From here, people thought I was a ‘professional’, I was photography-cheat-sheet-20110705-135950not yet as I was still practicing and brushing off my photography. There were a lot to learn of different kinds of photography and I was a beginner. What helped was from doing research for tutorials online and through books I got from Bestseller. However, I still had trouble learning the Manual Mode. I am familiar with exposures; such as Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO though I couldn’t put it together as I even used a cheat sheet. But I did not give up easily. I didn’t want to put it all in waste that I was still confused with manual photography. It just took a lot more practice, even with a kit lens.

Now here’s what really changed that brought photography to become my passion. Because I only had the kit lens, I wanted to try a different lens. I researched which ones are good and which ones are not over $200. My first pick was the 5omm f/1.8 STM lens only $125 on ebay. About a week in a half when it came, I rushed home and tried it out. Comparing this lens with the kit lens, 18-55mm, the 50mm made my photos come out more better and perfect. For testing out the lens, I used a piece of lego toy as a subject. Then it hit me. I see the subject is in total focus while the background is blurred out and see those bokehs and the flares from the sun was like wow!

So there it is! Because of the new lens, I figured out the manual settings. The shutter speed is the length of time (e.g., fast freeze motion, slow blur motion), the aperture is the depth of field (blurry background-subject focused), and the ISO is the sensitivity to the light of the camera sensor.

There you have it. This is how I became passionate in photography. As I experimented while shooting in manual mode, I’ve made photos the way I wanted and I’ve been building up my photography for about two years and as of now I’m getting started to doing portraits as most that I’ve done are mostly landscapes and events. So thank you for reading along and hope you follow for more blogs coming soon.

P.S. Sorry for making this long if it made you guys tired of reading and possibly wanting to proofread my whole story but like I said from earlier posts, I’m not a writer. 

Thank you.

Your Blogger,

Liana Jae


  • All photos property of lianajae.
  • Images edited in Adobe Lightroom

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