GUAMventure: Hiking Trip to Sigua Falls


Location: Sigua Falls, Yona (Guam)

Hike Difficulty Rate: Very Difficult

If you someday would like¬†to visit Guam ūüá¨ūüáļ, our island has a lot¬†of hiking opportunities.

Let me just say that this was my very first time ever I hiked down to fresh waterfalls on Guam. My lesson learned afterwards, NEVER go for the VERY DIFFICULT hike as your first time hiking trip.

I was invited by my Macys coworkers for the hiking trip to Sigua Falls on Saturday (January 28). I had no plans, no work scheduled that day, so what the heck? I was down to go! Of course I wanted the experience and I never went hiking before and this was also a perfect site to take photos of the freshwater waterfall. I made sure my trusty GoPro Hero 5 Session was fully charged for the trip; it wouldn’t be fun without underwater photos and videos, and my Canon T5i; wouldn’t go without it for a photo op; however, I was wrong about bringing it along before I knew about the hike. I also made sure I had the right shoes, comfortable clothes, and a hydro flask filled with water; don’t want to dehydrate myself on this hike. Before the trip, I researched what Sigua Falls hiking trails is like from watching vlogs on YouTube and from a guide book of Guam hiking trails to know what’s their review on Sigua. From what I watched on YouTube, it didn’t look bad to me. People were having fun jumping from the waterfall I guess it looked okay; however, from the guide book¬†the hiking difficulty rate stated:¬†VERY DIFFICULT…¬†I’ll say that I ignored the word ‘difficult’ cause I think I could handle a long trail and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to experience it¬†and waste my excitement for nothing. But that guide book¬†was not wrong about the hiking rate of Sigua Falls.

Saturday, January 28, 2017 – Hiking Day

I went to bed early at around 8:30pm that way I get more sleep and woke up at around 4am to get ready and meet-up with my coworkers; Meynard, Beverly, Joel, and Jonavin. We all carpooled to one vehicle, except Jonavin, instead of each of us taking our own cars up to LeoPalace Resort (trail location).

What to Bring: Bottled Water (lots of it) or Hydro Flask, Snacks, Lighter, Camera w/ underwater housing or waterproof (GoPro), Extra clothes, Backpack w/ lots of space, Plastic Bag(s), Flip Flops/Sandals, Sunblock.

*DSLR camera should be left at home. A small digital camera or your smartphone is suitable for this hike. Don’t let your expensive camera break while walking up and down this hike.

What to Wear:¬†Anything comfortable like workout clothes or¬†rash-guard, Tennis shoes you don’t care to get it dirty, Black socks, Hat, Sunglasses.

*Must be fit or in good condition to do this hike.  

Before we were close to Yona, we made a quick stop to Payless Supermarket to get some snacks and if we needed to use the CR before we head up to the trail. As we got there and parked just outside the entrance of LeoPalace, we gathered everything we brought; like our bottled waters and some snacks (chips & hotdogs) and get walking up the trailhead.

Trail from Google Image
Map Trail from Google Image

We started to walk up¬†around 6:30am before the sun came out. The weather was okay with only showers, it was the perfect time to go (I recommend this time is good to start off).¬†Just like¬†I saw from watching the YouTube vlogs, the whole trailhead is all red dirt and MUDDY… There were muds that were super wet, they were slippery¬†and without seeing or knowing where you step the mud will sink your foot¬†down like quick sand.¬†Good thing I had the right shoes but definitely not with¬†[white] socks. Way to go me. I expected that I was going to get down and dirty anyway so no complaints on nature. As we kept walking, with my coworker Joel leading the trail, I was already starting to sweat and feeling the pain on¬†my legs like this was my workout. The hike felt like we were in the jungle like in Jurassic Park. As far as we got we made stops for 15 min. breaks for water and rest though we still had a long way to get down to the falls. The farther we went, the mud was getting deep and mud was getting clumped¬†on the bottom of our shoes and we even had to cross by a deep grass pond¬†full of water and oil.




Next we were heading to the really hard part of the trail; walking down to cross a river with a pipe log and rope to hold on and going uphill. This was a both use your hands and feet job to help you get up no matter how muddy, wet, and slippery it was the whole hike is pretty much slippery and muddy. This next trail would then lead to make it all the way to the second stop; which is the overlook of the waterfalls going down, which now leads to the really hardest part of getting down to the final stop and to be honest it made me regret going to this hike.




As we found the falls, next was getting down there; ready to know the really really hard part of the final stop?!? Going down is like going down a very deep hole. As we see it does look like a big hole from the overlook. Once you reach¬†there it gets steeper even more slippery and muddy with long ropes attached to the [tall] coconut trees which leads us [finally]¬†down to Sigua Falls. Here’s a video below I put together.

At last we made it down the falls! By the time¬†we got there was around 9am so we hiked about 3 hours since 6:30am. After we dropped our gear to our spot, we all went to the water and¬†enjoyed the rest of the day relaxing in the refreshing waterfall. As the day went by, one thing I really wished I did but I couldn’t, that was cliff jump. Okay so I really did wish I had the chance to cliff jump¬†for the first time; however, one I don’t know how swim in deep water above 6 ft.. two I’m afraid of heights and three I sometimes fear of what would happen after if I did jump. Tough luck. I missed out on that one¬†fun experience of the hike.




The much time we spent going back in the water, we also checked out the river on the right side where it leads to. Of course as walking by it’s also slippery and rocky. Before we started packing up our things, we looked at the fishes in the water that could go real quick when food is thrown for them. They can go for it real quick like a pira√Īa. Not only did we pay attention to the fishes, we were also paying attention to the eel we saw earlier when we arrived. With my trusty GoPro, I put it in the water to get a close up of the eel as it was also going up close to the camera and I felt like it was going to attack me or more like me protecting my favorite toy from this fish, haha…




Here’s two videos of the Eel below.

Freshwater EEL up close at Sigua Falls #Guam #GoPro #hero5session

A post shared by LIANA JAE ūüďł (@lianajae) on

In conclusion, as we got all our stuffs packed and ready to go, next challenge was going back up. Oh what NOT FUN¬†it was. We left at around the afternoon. When in Guam it is HOT so going back up wasn’t as fun as going down and like I said, this hike is very difficult so it is best to¬†condition yourself before going to a hike like Sigua Falls also bring lots of water, don’t want to dehydrate yourself for 3-4 hours of the trail. As for me, doing this hike as my first time was painful but fun [at least in the waterfall]. It was a bad idea I chose to go to this one and expect what I didn’t expect. Overall, I felt like a conquered it. The whole hike felt¬†like I was part of Running Wild with Bear Grylls¬†show,¬†where I thought I would never pass a crazy hike experience but I did and I definitely learned my lesson in the end. I hope my hiking experience helped for¬†your next hike opportunity here on Guam and I hope I get to do another one; an easy one this time.

Catch you later ’till next time!

LianaJae, Peace ‚úĆūüŹľ


  • All photos and videos property of lianajae.
  • Thanks to Macy’s crew for inviting me to this hike.

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