About Me

Hi There!

My name is Liana Jae Negrito, I prefer to be called by my first name ‘Liana’ (Lee•A•Na) or my unique name and title ‘Liana Jae’ than my full name. I live in the small island of Guam. My interest and skills in life are Graphic Designing and Photography. But aside from my Graphic Designing, this site is all about my Photography adventures.

I created this blog account to present myself how much I am passionate in Photography. Not only will I talk about my interest, I will also share stories of my photography adventure around my island home taken from my DSLR [Canon Rebel T5i] camera, my iPhone [SE], and from my GoPro [Hero 5 Session]. I guess to say I will blog every fun experience I did from wherever place I visit.

I hope my blogs will be an inspiration to all my readers and join in on the fun of what it’s like being a photographer and more of what Photography really means. For me, it’s not a hobby! It’s like they say, ‘Every photo has a story behind it.’

Thank You and Enjoy!

–  LianaJae